Our Capabilities & Services

Tin Plating

Electrodeposited tin is resistant to both corrosion and tarnishing. Tin also provides a highly conductive, eminently solderable, uniformly thick coating, which makes it an excellent choice for electrical components and bus bar. It is a cost effective alternative to silver plating. We offer both bright and matte tin....

Nickel Plating

Nickel plating provides a strong, anti-corrosive barrier for parts made of more corrosive metals. We specialize in coating nickel over aluminum, copper, brass, and steel. Nickel plating provides excellent protection against wear and abrasion, as well as corrosion....

Silver Plating

We offer superior-quality silver plating that ensures easy maintenance and longevity. Silver plating provides the critical benefits of solderability, lubricity, and electric conductivity that are essential to many high-tech applications. It is often considered a less expensive alternative to gold plating....

Rack and Barrel Plating

B & B offers both rack and barrel plating. Barrel plating is used to plate small parts that will not be damaged when tumbled. It is far more economically efficient than rack plating, but conforms to the same high-quality standards. Rack plating prevents damage to external threads and maintains strict tolerances. Parts with surfaces that need to be precise should be rack plated. Our racks are custom designed with the parameters of the customer’s part in mind; this protocol ensures a co...

Aluminum and Copper Bus Bar

B & B offers plated or unplated aluminum and copper bus bars. Our 13’ plating tanks easily accommodate mill length bar. We have the warehouse space to stock bar for large capacity users, and we can ship to you upon your release of the material....

About Us

About B & B Electroplating Co., Inc.

Since our inception, it has been our corporate mission to develop personal, collaborative relationships with our customers. We accomplish our mission daily by providing effective customer service, quality finishes, expeditious lead times, and competitive pricing.

Our on-site laboratory enables us to carefully analyze and control our plating solutions, and we employ a customized cleaning process that prepares your metal for adhesion and guarantees the caliber of our final finishes.

Our Mission

We provide effective customer service, quality finishes, e...



- Plating to Customer, Military, and ASTM Specs

- 40+ Years Experience

- Thoroughly Trained Staff and Technical Support

- Prompt Response to Quoting Requests      

- Treatment Standards that Exceed EPA Requirements

- Convenient Location                                                  

- Local Pick Up and Delivery Service

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