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Tin, Nickel, Silver, Barrel, and Rack Electroplating Services

B & B Electroplating Co., Inc. has been serving the plating needs of the electrical/electronics industry since 1960. We specialize in plating tin, silver, or nickel onto aluminum, copper, brass, or steel. We offer both bright and matte tin finishes, as well as a matte silver finish. Rack and barrel plating are available to ensure both economy and quality. We are also a distributor of mill length aluminum bus bar, plated or unplated.

Featuring: Plating to Customer, Military, and ASTM Specs 40+ Years Experience Thoroughly Trained Staff and Technical Support Prompt Response to Quoting Requests Waste Treatment Standards that Exceed EPA Requirements Convenient Location Local Pick Up and Delivery Service

When the production and the fabricating are completed, and the metal is ready for plating, call B&B Electroplating. It's the best place to finish.

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