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Tin, Nickel, Silver, Barrel, and Rack Electroplating Services

B & B Electroplating Co., Inc. has been serving the plating needs of the electrical/electronics industry since 1960. We specialize in plating tin, silver, or nickel onto aluminum, copper, brass, or steel. We offer both bright and matte tin finishes, as well as a matte silver finish. Rack and barrel plating are available to ensure both economy and quality. We are also a distributor of mill length aluminum bus bar, plated or unplated.

- Plating to Customer, Military, and ASTM Specs 
- 40+ Years Experience 
- Thoroughly Trained Staff and Technical Support 
- Prompt Response to Quoting Requests   

-Treatment Standards that Exceed EPA Requirements - Convenient Location                                                  - Local Pick Up and Delivery Service

When the production and the fabrication are complete, and the metal is ready for plating, call B&B. It's the best place to finish!

B & B Electroplating Co., Inc. | The Best Place to Finish